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Sensory integration
It's all about understanding the sensory needs within day to day environments

Sensory integration

Each person will have a different sensory combination that reflects their interpretation of the environment. That’s why we craft a unique, person-centred care plan to meet the service user’s needs.

Most people meet their own sensory needs as part of their daily routine. A warm bath at the end of the day, drinking coffee to become more alert and doing exercise to reduce stress are some examples of how we all meet our sensory needs on a daily basis.

Some people need a more structured approach and this is where we use the sensory care plans to meet and support those needs. This allows the individual to stay focused throughout the day. Sensory care plans usually have both an immediate and cumulative effect, meaning that positive results occur quickly and increase over time. The individual will be more likely to be able to:

    • tolerate challenging situations
    • control their levels of arousal and
    • improve their attention span