Ensuring the highest standards throughout every aspect of our service delivery

Corporate Governance

Clearwater Care has a system to make sure that we are running our services to a high standard. We’re constantly evaluating how we are performing and seeking to improve our services.

A named manager is responsible for the running of each service and is held accountable for running a quality home. We train and support the managers and staff so that we continually improve the quality of care provided to our service users. Our central team regularly monitors the homes.

To live up to the Clearwater Care ethos, we do the following:

    • seek to exceed standards as set by the Care Quality Commission
    • be transparent, responsible and accountable for those standards
    • train all of our staff to meet the needs of our service users
    • regularly review corporate governance issues with the board of directors.

We hold regular satisfaction surveys with the people we support as well as monitor the views of families and relatives. We measure staff satisfaction regularly through employee surveys and we act upon what we learn from these.

All of our services operate within statutory requirements. We have a programme audit across each service that measure performance across a range of areas.

We work with…

We work with the Care Quality Commission, Learning Authorities and the NHS so that we can exceed minimum industry standards. Points flagged up during inspections are then used to develop our best practice even further. We operate a comprehensive written complaints process, details of which are available to people we support as an accessible document. As a quality provider committed to meeting the individual needs of service users we’re in discussion with a national advocacy organisation who’ll support individuals and groups to have their aspirations and goals voiced.