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Kacee Lodge

Ivy Lodge Road
Great Horesley
Tel: 01206 272108

Welcome to Kacee Lodge

…a bungalow for adults with learning difficulties and physical disabilities. We’re based in the village of Great Horkesley, which is approximatley three miles away from Colchester Town Centre – the oldest recorded town in Britain. With a bus route close by, all of our service users have easy access to local amenities and activities through Kacee Lodge’s very own transport service.

The physical challenges that face our service users shouldn’t be a barrier being able to realise your full potential.
Our location allows us to get the most out of city and country living. Our activities include going to village fetes, going out for pub lunches, listening to a concerts at Charter Hall and going to nearby Castle Park for some horse riding or to use their hydropool. These activities are all helped by Kacee Lodge having its own large minibus with wheelchair assistance, which we use on a daily basis.

Kacee Lodge brings the best out of people. We create platforms where our service users can develop independent living skills with freedom of choice and lots of encouragement to let them shape their lifestyles the way that they want. We welcome input from family and friends on goals for improving our service delivery.

Staff: Our dedicated staff have plenty of experience working with people living with complex learning disabilities. We hold regular training programmes for staff to develop and build upon their skills. The team are experienced in working with people living with autism, sensory impairment, epilepsy, diabetes and various other medical conditions. Not only are staff trained to deal with a range of situations, but are also keen to keeping resident information up to date so that they can work out the best way to care for individual residents. Staff have either completed, or are in the process of completing, their NVQ qualifications.



    • Bedrooms: 8 bed bungalow.
    • Kitchen: All meals at Kacee Lodge are freshly prepared in our fully equipped kitchen. We can adapt menus to any individual’s or visitor’s dietary/religious needs.
    • Garden: During the summer, we host some lovely barbecues on our new patio and garden area. Not only that, but we hold culture days that celebrate the diversity of our residents throughout the year; we recently celebrated the African, Romanian and Indian cultures at Kacee Lodge.
    • Living and activity/sensory areas:Kacee Lodge has a living/dining room complete with large screen television and comfy furniture that’s suitable for our physically disabled residents. In our Activity/sensory room, staff and residents can try their hand at:
          • making cakes and pizzas,
          • completing jigsaw puzzles,
          • undergoing paint and music therapy
          • foot baths and hand massages,
          • manicures and reading books
          • or just chillin!