For the many service users who are cared for by Clearwater, one of our main goals is to ensure that their living environments are designed to suit the needs of everyone. From personalised bedrooms, the latest of which features a large ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ mural in one of our Harold Road, Leytonstone homes, to the recently launched communal ‘Tranquillity Room’ at Kacee Lodge, all of our makeovers are inspired by the residents, completed with pride and a good eye for interior design.

The Tranquillity Room has proven a big hit amongst Kacee Lodge’s non-verbal service users. The design features an entirely blackedout space with calming lights, music and fragrances. Clearwater’s wish to continually improve facilities became a very personal project at Kacee and the care team were determined to do the work themselves – designing and decorating in their own time.

Known as the ‘eBay Queens of Essex’ the team of 16 sourced many of the items locally, at very competitive prices. How good is it? One of Kacee’s residents who is normally restless has found the room a new haven. Quite often staff find a restful sleeping soul in the room. Job done! Kacee’s hall has also had the makeover treatment with a brand new collection of service user artworks.

Kathy Davies, Director of Operations says:

“Creating places that are both therapeutically enhancing and designed to the tastes of our service users give us the best possible chance of helping people progress further and more quickly along their care pathway. The physical environment is a big plus factor when looking holistically at the care we deliver.”