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Welcome to Kidbrooke Supported Living!

Kidbrooke is a lively supported living service in London.  The service has places for four people with a learning disability and complex needs, each Service-User holds an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement. Support is funded by local authorities or through individual budgets.

The Service

The aim of the service is to enable each person to develop their life skills and confidence by promoting their independence and developing their ability to make their own choices. Part of this is learning about all of the things that need to be taken into account when making these decisions e.g. managing personal health, well- being and safety. It involves specific support on maintaining a tenancy, finances, menu planning, shopping, cooking, accessing and using community services at the level each service-user needs. Services take account and are respectful of individual’s cultural and religious beliefs.

It provides a modern, homely environment where Service-Users are supported to understand the choices and decisions they need to make every day. This may be about how they will spend their day or spend their money or be as simple as choosing what they will have for dinner.  It also involves learning new skills, experiencing new environments and getting along with new people in the many activities they participate in as part of their local community.  These include education, vocational training and leisure activities where each Service-User pursues their individual interests, learns skills and develops friendships.

Service Planning and Review

We work with each Service-User and their social workers to plan and review their support on a regular basis. We encourage every person to meet their potential by encouraging them to try new experiences, learn new skills and meet new people. We also support them to include people who are important to them, friends and family, in their service planning and review and value feedback from all stakeholders.

We also work closely with a team of local health professionals who provide additional advice to ensure each individual’s support is planned and reviewed to meet their specific communication, health, behavioural or autism needs.


The Registered Manager provides management support and guidance to ensure the staff team are trained and supported to meet their commitment to provide a person-centred service to the standards required by the Care Quality Commission. The service undergoes regular review to ensure it maintains and improves its standards of service with feedback from all stakeholders involved in the service.

Service-User Involvement

Keyworkers support each individual to develop their Personal Development Plan and Support plans, incorporating achievable goals of their choice.  Service-Users are encouraged to give feedback on the support they receive through their Service Reviews or on issues effecting them at home at regular Service-User Meetings.  They are also supported to give feedback on issues important to them and to use local advocacy services.

Staff and Training

The staff team is committed to providing a person-centred service and Service-Users are encouraged to become involved in the recruitment of staff who will support them.  All staff are subject to an enhanced DBS check and are provided with training to meet the needs of the Service-Users they support. They receive regular supervision and appraisal to ensure that we value and develop their skills and knowledge of providing the best quality support.

In addition to statutory training, all staff receive training in positive behavior management, autism and challenging behavior. Staff are also trained in the ethos of Person-Centred Active Support and empowering Service-Users to increase their independence.

The service has a core team of staff who provide support during the day and overnight on a rotational basis.  In addition each Service-User’s support plan identifies periods throughout the day/week where it is agreed that they require additional input on a 1-1 basis to achieve specific outcomes, whether it be learning a skill or accessing an activity in the community.

Part of the local


Our Service is located in Kidbrooke, with excellent transport links to central London, and close to a range of local shops, parks, colleges and pubs. Staff encourage and support Service-Users to regularly access the local community and to take part in a wide range of activities that reflect their interests and to take a positive role in their communities.


  • Kitchen: There is a fully fitted kitchen in the property. Service-users are supported to plan their menus, do their shopping and to prepare their own food in accordance with their personal needs and preferences.
  • Living and dining areas: We have a large open plan living and dining area where Service-Users can socialize, relax and unwind. They are encouraged to personalize all areas of their home so it is reflective of their personal preferences and taste.
  • Bedrooms; Each Service-User has their own bedroom and ensuite, which they can decorate to their own taste, subject to the Landlord’s agreement.
  • Garden: The property has a large back garden, with a summer house, where service users can relax or pursue their interests. Staff encourage service-users to participate in looking after their garden area as much as possible.

If you are interested in more information about this service please contact the Registered Care Manager who will be happy to discuss it with you.