Tea Cup
Roger’s story
Progress is measured in small steps

A humble cup of tea is a giant leap
Philip Arden, writes: At a recent visit to 6 Harold Road, I was invited to service user Roger’s birthday party. With his family and friends, Roger showed us how he can now make his own cup of tea. Using gesture prompts from the care team, Roger was able to fill the kettle, boil the water, choose a cup, grab a teabag and then add milk. Roger’s family were so impressed and we recently recieved a note of thanks:

“Thank you for organising Roger’s birthday party, we all had a great time. As usual the food was delicious and the presents you bought him were imaginative and fun.

 “It was amazing to see Roger actually make a cup of tea for himself – without needing any help at all! None of us believed he would ever be able to do something as complicated as that – we can’t stop talking about it!”

For me, the sense of Roger’s achievement was very special. And more importantly, to share it with his family and friends who play such an important part of his life. I was very proud of our staff who have been and continue to support Roger.

Another inspiring story will be here soon.