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Our team approach...
We will always work with a broad team of friends, family and fellow professionals

Working with you

Every service user has a dedicated member of staff who coordinates support and makes sure that all staff on their team have a clear understanding of the person’s needs and wishes. Each person’s support plan respects their individual preferences.

We ask for feedback daily to help us understand how we need to adjust the support so that the individual is getting the most out of their Clearwater Care experience. It also helps us spot new opportunities for service users to build relationships and learn skills that’ll help them lead their chosen lifestyle. We’re committed to understanding how each person feels about the support we offer.

Staff give feedback on progress and support them to plan the next steps for developing independence. Staff will offer information to each person at each stage, which will help service users lead more enriching and independent lives. We’re flexible when responding to changing needs and supporting people to embrace new opportunities as they discover what works best for them. We’ll work with each person to review these plans so that they keep developing and building upon a range of skills as they prepare for adult life.


While Transitional Support is all about providing a stepping stone from child services to adult services, we work with each person, their family and their friends to create a living space that suits them. We believe that everyone should feel safe and happy in their own home. That’s why each property is designed to maximise the comfort of service users. We encourage people to take a lead in arranging their personal space in the way they want and to get involved in tenant’s meetings, where decisions are made about the communal areas and social activities in their home.